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Our Projects. 

Project 1. Sheriff’s Office/Dentition Center Beautification

Seeking and receiving donations of paintings suitable to hang in a Professional Environment to add color and a theme to the Sheriff’s Office (White Hat Western motif, “You can tell that they are good guys, they all wear white hats”!)

Includes—paintings of Working Deputies / Cowboys with White Hats, Farm scenes with domestic animals, Hunting Scenes of a Game and Wildlife nature, and other similar appropriate pictures, paintings and framed artworks.

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Project 2. Special Services Division

Records Processing for Special Services Division: Over 31,000 records from 2000-2012 require data entry into the system. Estimated savings of $10,090. (per 10% $9,300. w/ $790.00 overhead).

Overhead: We purchased two Computers, Monitors, Printers, Scanners, 2-2TB Hard drives, and Setup Training to begin this task. Currently, approximately 10% (over 3,100 records) have been processed, and we can always, train, certify, and use your help in saving the taxpayer and the Sheriff’s Office money, not in the budget. What a great opportunity to provide a money savings Service To The Community.

And More.....​

¨ Go-Bags for SWAT Gear, 1st Aid Kits for Trustee outside work Program, Training Ammunition (short notice opportunity).

¨ Build up key weights, weight rack, and weight benches in the exercise room.

¨ Annual Support funds for Fallen Officer Program, Team BBQ competition (s), Trunk or Treat at Halloween, and several special awards at the Sheriff’s Christmas Party (We all get to buy a ticket and attend).

¨ Work with Bryan PD, College Station PD, Texas A&M PD, Texas State Troopers, and Military on special programs.

¨ Work with Greek Council at Texas A&M.

¨ Get to do Ride-a-longs.

¨ Provide volunteer hours toward BCSO Grants.

¨ Serve as assistants during Citizen’s Sheriff’s Academy activities.

--And many more projects... 

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