Our Projects. 

Project 1. Sheriff’s Office/Dentition Center Beautification

Seeking and receiving donations of paintings suitable to hang in a Professional Environment to add color and a theme to the Sheriff’s Office (White Hat Western motif, “You can tell that they are good guys, they all wear white hats”!)

Includes—paintings of Working Deputies / Cowboys with White Hats, Farm scenes with domestic animals, Hunting Scenes of a Game and Wildlife nature, and other similar appropriate pictures, paintings and framed artworks.

scanning clipart.png
Project 2. Special Services Division

Records Processing for Special Services Division: (Lt David Villarreal)  Over 31,000 records 2000-2012 require data entry into the system. Estimated savings of $10,090. (per 10% $9,300. w/ $790.00 overhead).

Overhead: We purchased two Computers, Monitors, Printers, Scanners, and 2-2TB Hard drives, and Setup Training to begin this task. Currently approximately 10% (over 3,100 records) have been processed, and we can always, train, certify, and use your help in saving the tax payer and the Sheriff’s Office money not in the budget. What a great opportunity to provide a money savings Service To The Community.

And More.....​

¨ Go-Bags for SWAT Gear, 1st Aid Kits for Trustee outside work Program, Training Ammunition (short notice opportunity).

¨ Build up of key weights, weight rack, and weight benches in the exercise room.

¨ Annual Support funds for: Fallen Officer Program, Team BBQ competition (s), Trunk or Treat at Halloween and several  special awards at the Sheriff’s Christmas Party (We all get to buy a ticket and attend).

¨ Work with Bryan PD, College Station PD, and Texas A&M PD, Texas State Troopers and Military on special programs.

¨ Work with Greek Council at Texas A&M.

¨ Get to do Ride-a-longs.

¨ Provide volunteer hours toward BCSO Grants.

¨ Serve as assistants during Citizen’s Sheriff’s Academy activities.

--And many more projects...